Sleep-n-Sync Program is a Parents Dream Come True!

When it comes to our children~ we do everything we can to protect them, to help them, to comfort them and the list goes on. Our “baby’s” often grow up in theSleep'n Sync blink of an eye and the next thing we know, we’re confronted with uncomfortable situations that as a parent, we must deal with. Take bullying for example. Is your child being picked on by a bigger kid on the playground? Is your budding baby being teased for her new glasses? Or is your situation more serious and as a parent you’re looking anywhere you can for advice on how to help?

The innovative, easy to use Sleep’n Sync Audio program is a dream come true then! Sleep’n Sync’s Sleep'n Syncprograms are short audio recordings that you play for your child while their sleeping. The 6 week programs are designed to help children correct and overcome problems they might be faced with. Bullying, Dealing with anger, Comprehensive Reading or Test Taking and even a Flexibility program to help your child cope with change. The audio recordings, which can be easily downloaded, are simply played while your child sleeps. Similar to hypnosis, but not the same approach, the sensory integration teaches the brain the characterizations or organization of sensory information to use. The end result is a confident child who can quickly respond to situations they once had trouble appropriately handling.

Some parents might think this program sounds too good to be true, but the Sleep’n Sync board is formed with recognized and well-known professionals such as psychologists, early child educators, therapists and human development experts. The team of six have agreed upon the needs, strategies and best solutions to the most important challenges children face and they’ve addressed those in the selection and content of the programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programs, visit

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