How To Be An Urban Farmer…

One of my least favorite things about living in the middle of Los Angeles is La Urban Farms Towerthat we don’t have a yard! I often find myself dreaming about the endless possibilities of having a yard. A play area for my kids, a backyard patio with a BBQ, a great big swimming pool for all the hot California days are a few of the ideas I play on repeat in my head. But the idea that seems to hit me the most, because I’m often spending lots of money on fresh organic produce, is my very own garden!

Have you ever dreamt of that yourself? Fresh herbs when you’re cooking your favorite recipe? Crispy, juicy snap peas for snacking? Big beautiful strawberries grown with no pesticides to feed to your family? Have you had those dreams, then woken to realize you have a concrete patio, no grass and the gardening skills of an Eskimo? Then we’ve got a surprise for you!

LA Urban FarmsLA Urban Farms offers an Aeroponic Farming Tower making organic farming available to everyone, regardless of your concrete yard, brown thumb or other set back which might have made farming seem impossible.

An Aeroponic Farming Tower has a 2.5’ x 2.5’ footprint and uses modular stackable growing pots with water circulating through the inside. In addition to saving space, the tower saves energy and with a residential unit it’s possible to grow up to 28 plants! The technology in the Tower Garden recycles 100% of the nutrient solution and uses 95% less water when compared to conventional organic farming. Also the tower is made from some of the best food grade plastic available and is designed to last for decades.

If you’ve ever eaten at some of Farming TowersLA’s top restaurants, like Gjelina, FIG or Melisse, you’ve already experienced some of the deliciousness these towers can bring! Restaurants, Celebrities, Resorts and even Ranches have jumped on board with this easy eco-friendly way to grow organic produce!

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